How it Works

The system provides message board capabilities that accept e-mail messages only from authorized e-mail addresses; making them publically accessible, viewable, and searchable; and then forwarding the messages to the additional e-mail addresses associated with a partcular message board. 

Each subscribing organization is assigned a dedicated message board with a unique e-mail address such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Each organization designates the names and e-mail addresses authorized to use their system and post messages to their message board.

To send a message, an individual simply sends an e-mail to their organization's message board's e-mail address from an approved e-mail address.

When the system receives a message from an authorized e-mail account:

    1. it automatically posts the message to the associated message board for public viewing
    2. it automatically sends the message to each of the other e-mail addresses associated with that organization. 
The system will only accept messages from the specific authroized e-mail addresses designated and approved by the individual organizations. Messages from any other source will be rejected.  (This means only authroized individual's can send messages).

Messages will remain publically accessible on the message board for a minimum of 30 days. 

Older message (greater that 30 days old) will be periodically removed from the message board and transferred into a printable electronic file that will be provided to the respective organization.   

Compliant Use Requirements

TX OPEN MEETINGS.COM provides the electronic message board capabilities needed to support electronic discussions as prescribed by the Texas Open Meetings Act. However, its use alone does not assure compliance as compliance is a behavior based activity and is achieved by how the system is used. Additional activities needed for compliance are listed below.
Must provide a link to their message board directly from the home page of their website so that their message board is only one-click away from their home page.
Must print out the file(s) of archived messages when received and maintain the document(s) as part of their freedom of information archives.
Keep the list of e-maill addresses authroized to use their message board updated.   
Must use only their TX Open message board e-mail addresses when sending and/or replying to e-mails from other elected members of thier governing body and/or approved staff members.  Do not send or reply directly to an individual's personal e-mail address.
Have an individual e-mail account and keep their e-mail account credentials secure. (Do not share e-mail accounts).  
Remember that all e-mail sent to the message board address becomes part of the permanent pubic record.