This e-mail message board is provided pursuant to the Texas Open Meetings Act. Only individuals specifically authorized by the associated organization can post to this message board. Posted messages will remain publically viewable for a minimum of 30 days from date of the original message.  Older messages will be kept in archives by the associated organization.

How to Use

Simply send an e-mail to the e-mail address of your message board. 
  • Do not add any other e-mail addresses. The e-mail will automatically be forwarded to other board members and authorized recipients.
  • If starting a new topic, provide a title for that topic in the subject line of your e-mail. If commenting on a current topic, use the subject line of that topic, or reply to a previous e-mail on that topic.
  • You must send the message from an e-mail account registered with the message board, otherwise it will be rejected and ignored. 
To reply to a message received from the message board simply select reply in your e-mail system, and send your reply leaving the subject line unchanged.
New messages will automatically be sent to the in-box of your designated e-mail account.
  • Full discussions can be viewed on the board in either chronological order or by topic. 
  • Go to your message board and select either Listing by Message or Listing by Subject.  Listing by message will show all messages in chronological order.  Listing by subject will show messages arranged by subject line topic.
The subject line of an e-mail becomes the name of the "subject" in the "List by Subject" view.  If you are replying to an e-mail, and leave the subject line unchanged, your response will be posted in the same discussion or thread as the original message.  If you change the subject line, and/or create a new subject line (as in a new message) it will create a new discussion subject / thread on the message board.

All messages are publicly viewable and become part of the public record and available for the next 6 years.

  • Be careful what you say and how you say it.  Remain professional and objective.  No not use foul language or launch personal attacks.
  • The board is for discussion only and not for decision making.  DO NOT post messages in regards to voting, final decision, or providing direction to staff.
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